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The Shadowed Path now available on Amazon

»Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Just a quick post today as an update. My first novel, The Shadowed Path, is now available to buy on Amazon (.com, .co.uk and .de) for anyone interested in the kindle version.

Here are the links:





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Rules of Writing Part 1: How to Write Prolifically

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When is my novel ready?

»Posted by on Sep 27, 2011 in Blog | 1 comment

(This post actually started as a reply to another post here: http://darkewhispers.blogspot.com/2011/09/why-good-review-of-bad-book-can-hurt.html  but became so long I figured it’s better off in its own little corner of the cybersphere.)

What makes someone a writer? In my opinion not all that much. Cobble a few words together, have the desire, do it because you love it, and hey presto, a writer is born.

But does that mean you should then give your story a quick once-over, checking for any obvious issues, give it a rudimentary cover, and send it out into the world? From what I’ve seen so far (to my dismay but not surprise), there’s a lot…

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My first novel is available to buy!!

»Posted by on Sep 26, 2011 in Blog | 2 comments

So while I trundle through the morass that is the kindle direct publishing experience, the incredibly user-friendly Smashwords has my book, The Shadowed Path, ready for purchase. You can find it here: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/90405

And you can read a sample for free to see whether you’d enjoy the rest of it or not. I plan on putting a sample up on my website soon too, but for now you can just get it from Smashwords.

And, if you want to buy it DONT!!! At least not until you’ve used this coupon number to get 20% off the list price!!

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In the works…

»Posted by on Sep 23, 2011 in Blog | 4 comments

So last night (high on that sweet nectar that is coffee) I finished submitting The Shadowed Path to amazon kindle and the Smashwords collective. They’re both now in review and should be up soon. Smashwords will take a week or so before it passes the novel on to the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble etc and in the meantime I’ll be submitting my book to as many reviewers as will have me (in between work, finishing my degree, family, jogging along merrily with the London rat-race… its a busy life).

That said, having jumped through the kindle, smashwords hoops, if anyone needs any help or advice on the subject do get in touch, especially if you’re a UK/Eurozone writer and have questions about getting an ITIN for tax.

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Cartographical evisceration

»Posted by on Sep 17, 2011 in Blog | 9 comments

So, a day later, about four hours worth of learning curve, and a paper cut (second only to hard plastic wrapping in deadliness) and my map is finally done! Well, I say done… what I mean is it’s good enough until (read if ever) I have the wherewithal, time and money to invest in a professional artist to make one up. But I gotta say I’m happy with the result. I’ve done two versions, one with a plain background that will go in the print edition of the novel and the other on parchment that will go on the website here. I’m just a bit worried the dimensions might not be right for the print edition and some of the fonts too small… we’ll see.

Following the web-guide I linked to in the last post (very helpful),

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In the Bloginning… I mean Beginning…

»Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Blog | 1 comment

So this is it, my very first blog post. The website is live so welcome one and all (probably just the one at the moment but hopefully I’ll get closer to the all eventually).  From the start I’m going to make sure this blog isn’t just about me, me, me and my writing and all the things I love; it’s going to be full of interesting, inane, sometimes useful, sometimes intriguing, verbosely concise amusing muse.

But before all that let’s talk about me! My first book’s official online and print publishing date is much closer than it should be considering I’ve only just begun the act of publicising with this website; I am suddenly and acutely aware that ‘getting the word out’ is

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