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Cartographical evisceration

»Posted by on Sep 17, 2011 in Blog | 9 comments

So, a day later, about four hours worth of learning curve, and a paper cut (second only to hard plastic wrapping in deadliness) and my map is finally done! Well, I say done… what I mean is it’s good enough until (read if ever) I have the wherewithal, time and money to invest in a professional artist to make one up. But I gotta say I’m happy with the result. I’ve done two versions, one with a plain background that will go in the print edition of the novel and the other on parchment that will go on the website here. I’m just a bit worried the dimensions might not be right for the print edition and some of the fonts too small… we’ll see.

Following the web-guide I linked to in the last post (very helpful),

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To map, or not to map…

»Posted by on Sep 16, 2011 in The Shadowed Path | 0 comments

I love fantasy, love writing it, love reading it, love playing it (not that I have time for that much these days). It’s a very visual experience for me, whether the visuals are imagined or watchable or tangible, being able to picture the surreal situations and step outside of reality for a while is as much a part of reading fantasy and sci-fi as engaging with the plot and characters.

So… while I’m putting the finishing touches on my plan for global domination I’ wondering whether I should make a map for my fantasy book or not. Firstly, it’ll be fun to do, I love anything artistic. Secondly, I already have a rough draft in the back page of the proof copy of my novel just to make sure cities and points of interest don’t decide to emigrate to more scenic locations. Thirdly, I always like it when a fantasy novel has a map included, and some (Martin, Tolkien, Jordan etc etc) really need them. So yes, I think I’m going to give it a try. It won’t be included

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