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Add Custom Screensavers / Lockscreens to your Kindle!

»Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in Blog | 49 comments

Okay so I got my new kindle a few days ago (see here: http://www.simonstoneauthor.com/archives/341) and right away I NEEDED to change the lockscreens. As much as I admire these long-dead writers and great minds I didn’t really want portraits of them every time I saw my little hibernating ereader. So, I tried searching for a way to change the screensavers. Should be easy right? That’s something people would want to change so I was sure Amazon would have some conspicuous folder somewhere where I could add/delete lockscreen images.

No. No such luck. That would be too simple.

On to plan B. Jailbreak it.

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Kindle 3 vs Kindle 4 and the wonders of Amazon-not-com

»Posted by on Oct 19, 2011 in Blog | 5 comments

Little review post today that snuck up on me essentially due to Amazon’s business model. Read on to find out what the hell I’m talking about and especially if you’re interested in buying either of the kindle’s mentioned in the title…

For reasons to do with accidental coffee spillage I found myself suddenly and tragically e-readerless. Now as much as I will always love printed books and will always prefer reading from them, I do most of my reading nowadays on my e-reader, and I read a LOT, so this was a situation I couldn’t stay in for very long.

So, off I went to amazon.co.uk because I’d heard about these fantastic new kindles (specifically the Touch and Fire). On a side note I almost jumped up and down when I heard about the full colour Fire until I realised it wasn’t some new kind of colour e-ink but was just a generic tablet. Scratch that, I want e-ink for reading or nothing…

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The Shadowed Path now available on Amazon

»Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Just a quick post today as an update. My first novel, The Shadowed Path, is now available to buy on Amazon (.com, .co.uk and .de) for anyone interested in the kindle version.

Here are the links:





Next post:

Rules of Writing Part 1: How to Write Prolifically

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In the works…

»Posted by on Sep 23, 2011 in Blog | 4 comments

So last night (high on that sweet nectar that is coffee) I finished submitting The Shadowed Path to amazon kindle and the Smashwords collective. They’re both now in review and should be up soon. Smashwords will take a week or so before it passes the novel on to the iBookstore, Barnes & Noble etc and in the meantime I’ll be submitting my book to as many reviewers as will have me (in between work, finishing my degree, family, jogging along merrily with the London rat-race… its a busy life).

That said, having jumped through the kindle, smashwords hoops, if anyone needs any help or advice on the subject do get in touch, especially if you’re a UK/Eurozone writer and have questions about getting an ITIN for tax.

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