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Reviews of The Shadowed Path

» Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Thought I’d just post a few reviews I’ve had so far:

“This is an amazing book so far (I’m halfway through).  Complex and intriguing characters, a masterfully-written plot and a world much like Gladiator (movie) mixed with dark fantasy and all the awesome monsters and peoples related to it–and intense action!  (I wrote this in quick layman terms which won’t be in its final review).  I’m bracing myself for what will happen when Marcus and Sheena meet, as I foresee sparks flying one way or the other–or both!”  –  http://infinitydreamt.blogspot.com/


“The characters are likeable and come across as well-defined individuals…
…The world-building, despite borrowing terminology from the Romans is good, blending the familiar with the unfamiliar. The descriptions and conception of the Shadowland creatures are vivid and worthy of a Simon R Green story. The waystalkers have a unique culture and way of life. The fight scenes are what makes this book stand out and I would describe as Gemmellian in their awesomeness. Fans of heroic fantasy would certainly be pleased with them.” – Amazon reviewer, Noor A Jahangir


“5/5 Review:

The Shadowed Path is a book that quickly pulled me into a vivid Roman Empire-like world, immersed in dark fantasy elements. Two nations on the brink of war, and between them a place all its own; the Shadowland. Here it is the waystalkers, inhumanii connected to the earth, who are at one with its darkness. But on the outside of their world they are slaves to humans who they cannot kill. The rules change when the enemy bends some of these lethal waystalkers to their advantage, and Marcus and his companions barely escape alive.

Marcus didn’t want to get sent away from his comfortable, rich life to join a merchant caravan on a such a treacherous journey.  On getting out of the Shadowland four years later, he finds nothing remaining of the life he left.  When things begin to escalate violently in his search for answers, his quick-wits, calm demeanor and fighting skills gained from the Shadowland make him an awesome character to follow.

When Sheena joins the story, she goes from a woman in despair to one bent on vengeance.  Her shattered mind due to the traumatic loss of her family gives her character an even more suspenseful edge, particularly when she aims her vengeance at Marcus.

I’m curious to see what happens next with Marcus and Sheena and how the waystalkers will further play out. A great deal of the four years in the Shadowland has yet to be revealed as well, as the imprints it has left on Marcus and his friends are significant. Great characters, story, and action, makes this a series I will be following closely.”   -  http://fantasycookie.blogspot.com/




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