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Back with another review of The Shadowed Path

»Posted by on Feb 28, 2012 in Blog | 1 comment

As I work my way ever deeper into book two of The Archwood Chronicles, I’m getting lots of incentive to keep plugging away at it though some great reviews and satisfied readers of the first book that are itching to find out what happens next!

With that in mind, here’s another great review of the first book!


This was an excellent read. Not just because it was a fantastical Roman-esque setting, which I liked, or because the author has an engaging style and a strong narrative voice, but because it was a great story.

But let’s back up a bit. First of all, the world. It’s dark and it’s gritty and it’s mysterious and it’s intriguing. It’s the kind of world that captures the imagination, the kind of world that’s bigger than the story being told. It is inventive, unique, and a pleasure to explore.

And then the writing. The author brings his characters to life, from the spoiled rich kid who fought his way through a virtual hell to the broken farm girl with personalities to spare. It’s exciting to read what they do, see how they interact, and adventure right beside them through the rich landscape of a well-imagined world.

Finally, the story. Now, don’t get me wrong. This book wasn’t perfect.  But half-way through the book I realized that I really didn’t care. The prose is engaging, the plot is enticing, and the read is a treat. The good guys are flawed, the bad guys are mysterious, and you get the distinct impression that there’s more going on just behind the curtain, that something bigger is going on. Even better, you actually want to know what it is.

So if you’re looking for a good read, take a walk down The Shadowed Path. You’ll be glad you did.

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Reviews, reviews, reviews…

»Posted by on Dec 13, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Haven’t posted in a while, been pretty busy with commitments and writing the sequel to The Shadowed Paths while proofing my next novel and planning the rest of my writing for next year.

But I had to post some more snippets of the reviews I’ve been getting, they’re coming thick and fast now and I have to say they’re spurring me on.

For the full reviews please visit either Amazon or Goodreads (where most of them are).


5.0 out of 5 stars Complex characters…fascinating worlds,27 Nov 2011

By   Z.Gorman

“The Shadowed Path” – the first volume of “The Archwood Chronicles” – is an ambitious tale of epic-scale conflicts …  the opening of the story is a gladiator scene, which is the whole reason why I picked up the book: It is so vividly and powerfully presented.

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From the Write Angle: Writing Lessons from a Mannequin: Building Charact…

»Posted by on Nov 16, 2011 in Blog | 1 comment

Interesting post about building characters, thought it was worth adding here since I’ve just done part 2 of my Rules of Writing.

From the Write Angle: Writing Lessons from a Mannequin: Building Charact…: by Cat Woods While in Chicago last fall, Dear Hubby and I awoke one night to a very loud and still-unidentified vibration. It was 4:30 in…
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Rules of Writing Part 2: How to Plan a Novel

»Posted by on Nov 8, 2011 in Blog | 1 comment

Having got over the introduction phase of my new Rules of Writing I thought I could just get right into part 2 without any preamble on my part. I was wrong. Something was brought to my attention while reading an article online and it would be remiss of me not to mention this up front. So here it is:

Don’t arbitrarily agree and apply everything I say, or imagine that my own Rules of Writing are THE rules of writing. Of course they’re not, and perhaps it was pretentious of me to even label these posts in such a definitive way. They’re not rules on how to write –adverbs, sentence structure, comma use, pronouns, paragraphs, capitalisation… – there are plenty of places to go to for that and I’m not officially qualified enough to teach it. These posts are about things that I’ve learnt (or learned if you’re that way inclined) about methods that work for me when it comes to the actual crafting of stories, the little idiosyncrasies I’ve developed over the years to hone this strange business of writing fiction. I hope some of this resounds with someone, maybe one or two things will help you and when you read them you’ll think, “Oh hey, yeah, that’s quite a good idea, I’m going to try that.” Please don’t think for a moment you have to utilize all of these points and that if you do you’ll be successful. You won’t be. It’ll take a lot more than knowing how to write and knowing a few tricks. In many ways what works for me might not work for you.

With that said, I’m not going to change the title. These are my rules for writing the fiction I write to help me to finish what I start and make each project as good as I can make it. So, that said, let’s get onto part 2!

Rules of Writing Part 2: How to Plan a Novel

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Reviews of The Shadowed Path

»Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

Thought I’d just post a few reviews I’ve had so far:

“This is an amazing book so far (I’m halfway through).  Complex and intriguing characters, a masterfully-written plot and a world much like Gladiator (movie) mixed with dark fantasy and all the awesome monsters and peoples related to it–and intense action!  (I wrote this in quick layman terms which won’t be in its final review).  I’m bracing myself for what will happen when Marcus and Sheena meet, as I foresee sparks flying one way or the other–or both!”  –  http://infinitydreamt.blogspot.com/

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First Edition Trade Paperback of The Shadowed Path now available!

»Posted by on Oct 21, 2011 in Blog | 26 comments

Click the link below or to the right to view the print version of my debut novel.


This is a 6″x9″ Trade Paperback First Edition

To celebrate the release of the First Edition Trade Paperback of my debut novel I’m giving copies away at Goodreads!

This will be the first of several promotions coming up within the next month, so take advantage of it, it’s completely free to enter and.

If you win, all I ask is that you write a short review of the book and post it online.



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Add Custom Screensavers / Lockscreens to your Kindle!

»Posted by on Oct 20, 2011 in Blog | 49 comments

Okay so I got my new kindle a few days ago (see here: http://www.simonstoneauthor.com/archives/341) and right away I NEEDED to change the lockscreens. As much as I admire these long-dead writers and great minds I didn’t really want portraits of them every time I saw my little hibernating ereader. So, I tried searching for a way to change the screensavers. Should be easy right? That’s something people would want to change so I was sure Amazon would have some conspicuous folder somewhere where I could add/delete lockscreen images.

No. No such luck. That would be too simple.

On to plan B. Jailbreak it.

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Kindle 3 vs Kindle 4 and the wonders of Amazon-not-com

»Posted by on Oct 19, 2011 in Blog | 5 comments

Little review post today that snuck up on me essentially due to Amazon’s business model. Read on to find out what the hell I’m talking about and especially if you’re interested in buying either of the kindle’s mentioned in the title…

For reasons to do with accidental coffee spillage I found myself suddenly and tragically e-readerless. Now as much as I will always love printed books and will always prefer reading from them, I do most of my reading nowadays on my e-reader, and I read a LOT, so this was a situation I couldn’t stay in for very long.

So, off I went to amazon.co.uk because I’d heard about these fantastic new kindles (specifically the Touch and Fire). On a side note I almost jumped up and down when I heard about the full colour Fire until I realised it wasn’t some new kind of colour e-ink but was just a generic tablet. Scratch that, I want e-ink for reading or nothing…

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Why become an independent/self-published writer?

»Posted by on Oct 7, 2011 in Blog | 8 comments

Firstly, this has been done to death in many a blog. I’m aware of that and I’m not going to cover the same ground. If you want details, how-to guides and pros and cons, do a search and you’ll find plenty of material. But at the same time this is my personal blog so I figure I should probably write about why I, personally, am going down that route.

What makes a writer? I’ve said this before. If you write, if you love it, if it’s your passion, you’re a writer. You might not be any good, you might struggle to find the time, you might only be able to manage one hundred words on a really productive day, you might have ten bestsellers under your belt and a learjet in your garage; whatever, you’re still a writer. Congratulations. (Especially if you’re the one with the learjet.)

But for the rest of us normal people having a contract and a fat advance from a big publishing house is great, of course it is, but that isn’t why we write. At least that’s not why I write and I suspect it’s true of many. I write because

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From the Write Angle: Self-publishing? Use the right tools!

»Posted by on Oct 5, 2011 in Blog | 0 comments

From the Write Angle: Self-publishing? Use the right tools!

Had to borrow this link to a fantastic article for all you indie-authors out there. Some first class advice here.

From the Write Angle: Self-publishing? Use the right tools!:

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Which Musical Instrument Should I learn?

»Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 in Blog | 9 comments

Something a little different for today’s post. Picking the right musical instrument to learn. I honestly believe that anyone can learn to play an instrument. Some might have an extra helping of musical talent, but hard work and effort can bridge the gap.

If you’ve never tried learning a musical instrument, choosing which one you would like to learn isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Not only are there a huge variety of instruments to consider, but there are often many styles and methods of playing each one of them. Added to that, some instruments are relatively easy to grasp the basics of, while others require a little more dedication and time and have a steeper learning curve to them. To make your choice you’re going to need some help, so read on.

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Rules of Writing Part 1: How to Write Prolifically

»Posted by on Sep 28, 2011 in Blog | 3 comments

So far in my brand spanking new blog I’ve made several posts about my new novel and one observation. None of that is too constructive so I figure it’s about time for something useful.

So to start is my new series on the Rules of Writing. Over the years I’ve built up some ideas and tips and experience which I want to add to what’s already out there. I know there are plenty of guides on becoming a better writer, but each guide has something different to offer or a different slant on a concept, so hopefully you’ll find a few useful things in my series you can implement in your own writing.

So, without further preamble, onto Simon Stone’s Rules of Writing: How to Write Prolifically.

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